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Anonymous asked:
She'll take her time to think, before rejoining him with a cup of tea to warm her hands. And, of course, now she'll be nosey.

He’s still engrossed in his crossword when she returns. Doesn’t look up, of course.

Anonymous asked:
"Because I can sometimes understand the way you think." She just watches him for a moment before turning and heading out to sit on the porch.

He stays inside. He picks up his crossword book and turns to the next unanswered puzzle.

Anonymous asked:
His silence is enough to tell her he doesnt approve of the way Jugo protects her. She merely huffs, then decides to add. "He's only that protective because we're not sure if the baby will survive full term." They'd had to do a lot to improve her health, and she was still a little too skinny to be healthy. She stands, stretching her arms out. "I'm gonna sit on the porch."

"Wasn’t even commenting. Why are you so defensive?" He smirks faintly, watches her stretch.


Fireflies in the meadow. 
For a moment Taro couldn’t remember why he was there and it wasn’t until an orange tabby suddenly strolled over to them that he remembered. “Cats.” He responded his eyes fixated on the feline as it brushed against the man’s leg affectionately. He really, really wanted to pet it.

Madara sits back down on the grass. The cats, mewing, clamber back onto his lap. “Cats, indeed. They are very nice and friendly, but don’t grab their tails. Otherwise you won’t have a problem.” Implied permission was granted.

Anonymous asked:
Why are you so afraid of your mother? Was she really that scary?

"Clearly you ignorant faceless scum do not know enough of Uchiha women. I suggest knowing them first before doubting my statements."

Anonymous asked:
"I don't think you know him. A man called Jugo, he's a sweetie. An' he looks after me well. He nearly ripped apart some man who bumped into me." She chuckles.

He does not want to be judgmental, but ripping a man in half might be indicative of something not quite sweet in a personality. But of course, she was right - he did not know this Juugo. Perhaps the kid was just heavy-handed.

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